Tips for Encouraging Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

Dining out with children can prove to be difficult for even the most patient parents. When you are getting ready to bring the entire family to your favorite steakhouse, plan ahead so that every member of your party can enjoy the meal. With a few tips and tricks, you can encourage your kid to expand their food choices and enjoy restaurant food. Some ways to encourage your child into eating new dishes include:

Establish a Five Bite Rule

When a child is extremely picky, he or she may refuse to even try a taste of new foods. To motivate your child to try new types of cuisine, consider instituting a five-bite rule for every member of your family. By making sure that your child takes at least five bites of every dish, you may help him or her find new dishes that are delicious beyond expectations.

Add Something New to the Plate

During your restaurant dining experience, your child may be able to order familiar foods that are designed to appeal to younger palates. Even if your kid refuses to branch out, consider adding a taste of a new dish to his or her plate. A single bite of food may be enough to convince your child to try new food items.

Look for Familiar Items on the Menu

Certain foods, such as soup, bread, and sandwiches, are usually popular with younger children. If you are dining out at a new restaurant, look for dishes that mimic your child’s favorite foods. By ordering a menu item that feels familiar, you may be able to discretely encourage your child to eat new ingredients or healthy vegetables.

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