The Secrets to Perfect Wine Pairings

The right glass of wine is a perfect accompaniment to any meal. When you are setting up catering for an upcoming event, consider asking your catering staff to provide you with wine suggestions for your meal. By pairing specific wines with various dishes, you will be able to enhance your catering experience. Read on for an overview of some secrets to keep in mind when you are creating wine pairings for a menu.

Consider the Flavors of Your Menu

To create the perfect wine pairings, you will need to evaluate the flavor profiles of the different dishes that you will be serving. If you will be dining on a steak dinner, for instance, you may want to choose a bold red wine that enhances the flavor of the meat. Lighter dishes, such as seafood, are suited to pairings of white wine or even champagne.

Schedule a Wine Tasting in Advance

When you are catering a special event, such as a wedding, consider setting up a wine tasting before the big date. By trying different types of wines, you will get a better idea of which flavors please your palate. A sommelier can to provide you with suggestions of wine varieties that will complement your food choices.

Balance the Different Flavors of Your Palate

One reason that wine pairs so well with food is that the flavors in wine can actually bring out different tastes in a specific dish. To achieve the perfect wine pairing, find a wine that is sweeter and more acidic than your food. The sweetness and acidity in the wine will create a perfect flavor profile with each dish.

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