Stepping Up the Spice: What to Know About Hot Peppers

If you live in the state of Texas, chances are that you are familiar with many of the most famous dishes that come from Mexico. Tex-Mex cuisine has evolved to include flavors and preparations that are distinctive to both American and Mexican palates. Many restaurants in Texas include hot chilies and other spicy ingredients into their dishes. If you are interested in expanding your culinary horizons and braving the heat, let’s take a look at some information to know about how peppers and chilies.


For diners that are just venturing into the realm of spicy peppers, the poblano is a good way to start. These large, green peppers are much more mild than jalapeños or habaneros. Poblanos are a staple for many Mexican chefs, and these peppers can be used to create iconic dishes, such as chilies rellenos. When you order a dish that is prepared with poblanos, you can rest assured that it should not be too spicy.


The jalapeño is among the most iconic peppers that are used in Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. Often, jalapeños will be diced and added to fresh salsas, such as Pico de Gallo. Your local restaurant may offer other preparations of the jalapeño, including peppers that are stuffed with cream cheese.


Before you bite into a habanero, be forewarned that these tiny peppers are among the spiciest on the planet. Depending on the flavor profile of a particular habanero, this pepper may be up to two times more than a typical jalapeño. If you are seeking some serious heat, ask your server whether habaneros are on the menu.

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