Making Nutritious Choices While Dining Out

When eating at restaurants, you often have many healthy and unhealthy options on the menu. With a few easy suggestions—such as requesting extra vegetables and drinking plenty of water—you can make nutritious choices every time you dine out. Continue reading for simple ways to make your dining out experiences more nutritious.

Skip the Sugar

Drinking iced water, instead of sugary or alcoholic drinks, is one of the easiest ways to cut calories and carbs during a meal. Iced water will help you feel fuller, which will reduce how much you eat in restaurants and throughout your day.

Read the Menu

Always read through the menu, because often there are healthier options to choose. However, some “healthier” options are still high in calories, fat, or carbohydrates. Ask questions about the ingredients in a meal or how it is prepared. For example, some meals are described as low-carb, but the ingredients and preparation make it high in calories and fat.

Request the Veggies

Whenever possible, ask for more vegetables. Vegetables are packed with healthy nutrients that have long-lasting health benefits. If your seafood meal comes with a choice of fries, baked potato, or broccoli, then choose the broccoli. For many meals, you can also request extra vegetables. When you eat more green, leafy vegetables, you will feel full quicker without the danger of gaining weight.

Divide the Portions

It is common for a restaurant to deliver large portions that could feed you a couple times over. To avoid overeating, you can ask for a to-go box as soon as your meal arrives. You can immediately split the portion to prevent overeating, and you will have leftovers to enjoy later in the day.

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