Etiquette & Alcoholic Beverages: What You Should Know Before Entertaining Clients

When treating your client to happy hour drinks, there are some etiquette rules to know. Giving your client priority and resisting overdrinking are important strategies to maintain your professionalism and have a great time. Let’s look at some more etiquette rules when entertaining your clients.

Follow the Client’s Lead

It is important that your client take charge of your special dinner. Follow his lead when it comes to drinking alcohol. If he does not order a drink from the bar, then you should not order one either. If he does order a glass of wine or beer, then it is customary to order a similar alcoholic beverage. Do not order a bottle of wine for the table, unless your client requests it. Though you are not required to match your client drink for drink, it is polite to order a drink whenever your client does.

Avoid Extravagant Drinks

Even though you may want to impress your client, there is no requirement to order the most expensive bottle of wine on the list. Give the client the opportunity to order the wine or cocktail of his choice first. If he defers to you to order, then look for a mid-range option. This will ensure that you do not look boastful or stingy.

Resist Extra Alcohol

As stated, it is better to drink when your client drinks. You can pace yourself by ordering a glass of water or another non-alcoholic beverage alongside your cocktail or glass of wine. When entertaining clients, you should be relaxed, but remember that you are representing your business or product. If you overdrink, then you may gain a negative reputation, or you risk becoming inebriated and inappropriate.

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