Comparing Reception Meal Styles

Choosing a reception style will depend on your catering company, your budget, and your personal preferences. If you prefer a low-key get-together, then you may like a dessert or cocktail reception. For an extravagant formal event, you may prefer a plated or buffet-style reception. Let’s take a look at these different reception styles below.


Plated meals are one of the most common and cost-effective ways to feed your guests. Months before your wedding, you will meet with your catering company to taste various menu selections. During this tasting session, you will decide if you want one or more main courses, as well as the sides and appetizers. Though this reception style may limit your guests’ options, it is often the best choice for a budget-friendly wedding.


Buffet-style receptions often consist of a few different main course and side dish options. Your guests can create their own meal out of what is available. While this reception style gives your guests more choices, it can be costlier and result in more wasted food. The caterers must prepare extra food for each dish, adding to the overall cost of your event.


Cocktails and appetizers can be a reception style added to one of the previous options, or it can be its own occasion. This type of reception style can be a lot of fun, but it typically works best with a late-night, adult-only crowd. If this will be your reception choice, then make it clear on the invitations, so your guests can plan a light meal before or after the reception.


Dessert receptions are best planned around brunch time or early afternoon. This type of reception is often planned for after a morning wedding or for guests who could not attend a destination wedding. Ensure that your guests understand there will only be desserts and select beverages available.

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