Common Myths About Budget-Friendly Weddings

When a bride and groom strive for budget-friendly options, they will soon discover the common myths that everyone believes. They may think a backyard wedding will be more inexpensive or buffet dining is better than a sit-down meal. However, these myths can drain a wedding budget before the happy couple books a catering service. Read on for more information about these common wedding myths.

Myth #1: Low-Key Equals Low-Cost

Many people believe that a backyard wedding will be low-key and low-cost. However, backyard wedding costs can add up quickly and in unexpected ways. In addition to booking catering services, the happy couple must rent chairs, tables, entertainment, and decorations. The bride and groom may also be responsible for the entire setup, takedown, and transportation of their rentals. Unless they already have the necessary supplies on hand, the bride and groom may end up spending much more money by choosing a low-key, backyard wedding.

Myth #2: Buffet Is Better

Buffet-style dining may be cost-effective for a special dinner, but it is not a budget-friendly choice for a wedding. Brides and grooms often spend more money for buffet-style dining, because their caterer must use extra supplies to ensure food presentation is attractive and guests can eat as much as they want. However, a set meal plan can keep costs low for the happy couple and their caterer.

Myth #3: Cupcakes Are Cost-Effective

When it comes to desserts, brides and grooms may choose gourmet cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake. However, cupcakes can cost just as much as or more than a cake. Instead, they can purchase sheet cakes, which are more affordable. Brides and grooms can also save money with non-traditional desserts, such as pies, cookies, or cheesecakes.

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