Ways to Promote a Successful Business Lunch

If you are seeking a terrific way to promote your business and network with clients and fellow professionals, you may want to consider hosting a business lunch. The lunch hour offers the perfect time of day to plan an event that is both casual and businesslike. Before you send out invitations to your luncheon, however, you will want to make sure that you are ready to promote your event successfully. Read further to see some ways to promote your business lunch.

Choose a Restaurant

Rather than hosting your lunch at your corporate offices, you may want to consider booking a private dining room at one of the local restaurants in your area. By hosting your lunch at a restaurant, you can ensure that your attendees can enjoy their food in an inviting and stress-free setting. Your restaurant may also be able to assist you with promoting your event.

Create Invitations

When you host a large business lunch, it will be necessary to send out formal invitations at least a month in advance. By sending your guests personalized invitations, you will be able to get an accurate head count of who will be there on the day of the lunch. Your invitations will also encourage your guests to take time out of their workweek to attend your event.

Rely on Word of Mouth

If your business lunch will be slightly more informal, you may be able to rely on word of mouth to invite your workers out for the lunch hour. A word of mouth invitation is particularly appropriate when you will only be hosting a few of your workers for the occasion.

At Salt and Pepper, our steakhouse near Katy will be the perfect venue for your next business lunch. Whether you are seeking a comfortable bar setting, or you would like to book our private dining area, we will have the accommodations that you need to host the perfect business lunch. To make a reservation for your event, give us a call at (281) 347-6803.

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