Planning Your Special Event: Understanding Dietary Restrictions

When you are scheduling catering services for a special event, such as a graduation party, you will want to make sure that your menu caters to any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. While it may be impossible to create a menu that incorporates special diets into every dish, you can ensure that your caterers create a few choices that meet the needs of your attendees. To help you with the catering planning process, here is an overview of some common dietary restrictions.

Food Allergies

If a guest has a food allergy, it is common courtesy for them to inform you of this fact prior to the day of the event. Some common food allergies include allergies to tree nuts, dairy, or gluten. When a person has severe food allergies, it may be necessary to prepare them a special meal.

Kosher Diets

Persons who practice the Jewish faith often adhere to a Kosher diet. When a person is Kosher, he or she will be restricted from eating pork products, shellfish, and certain combinations of meat and dairy.

Vegan or Vegetarian Diets

People choose to follow vegan or vegetarian diets for a variety of reasons. While vegetarians are typically only restricted from eating meat, vegans do not consume any animal products, including eggs, dairy, or gelatin. Having a few vegetarian sides or other options on your menu will ensure that your guest has a satisfying meal, without the need for meat.

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