What to Consider When Selecting Wedding Entrées

Planning your wedding reception is nearly as important as fine tuning the details of your actual wedding ceremony. One of the most memorable parts of your reception will be sharing a delicious, catered meal with your family and friends. A local catering company can provide you with delicious dishes that are sure to delight all of your guests. Here is an overview of what you will need to consider when you are selecting your wedding entrées.

Offer Meat and Seafood Options

While some of your guests are sure to love a delicious steak for their main meal, others may not eat red meat. To make sure that you cater to everyone’s tastes, you can select both meat and seafood options for your main course. When you send out your wedding invitations, you can provide your guests with a space to indicate which type of meal they would prefer.

Consider Using Seasonal Ingredients

When you are planning a summer wedding, there may be a variety of fresh, local ingredients that are at the peak of their season. To provide your wedding entrées with a touch of regional flair, you can consider using these locally sourced ingredients when you plan out your wedding menu.

Avoid Common Allergens

There are certain, common food allergens that you may want to avoid using in your main wedding menu. Tree nuts, for example, could cause allergic reactions for some of your guests. To play it safe, you may want to ask your caterers to provide an allergen free entrée option for your main course. It is also possible for guests with severe food allergies to tell you about their needs in advance.

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