The History Behind Some of Today's Most Popular Cocktails

Whether you love to sip on a martini, or you prefer the tartness of a margarita, chances are that you have a signature drink that you tend to order at happy hour. Many of today’s most famous cocktails can trace their roots back to decades or even centuries of bartending tradition. To shed some light on the beverages that you may order when you head to the bar, here is an overview of the history behind three popular cocktails.


Experts disagree on the true origins of the martini, which may be one of the most famous beverages ever invented. Some historians think that the martini may have been invented during the 19 th century gold rush in California, when thirsty miners in Martinez, CA sidled up to the bar to enjoy their favorite mixture of spirits. Others believe that the martini was created in New York the 1880s, and was named after Martini & Rossi vermouth.


The Manhattan is a cocktail that is beloved by whiskey connoisseurs. According to popular history, the first Manhattan was shaken and stirred at the Manhattan Club in 1874. To this day, the Manhattan remains one of the most popular cocktails that can be ordered at bars around the world.


The Bellini is a refreshing mixture of sparkling wine and peach juice. The first recorded instance of the Bellini was in the 1930s, when an Italian bartender named Giuseppe Cipriani decided to combine these ingredients. The resulting cocktail was a light pink color, which inspired Cipriani to name it the Bellini after his favorite painter of the Renaissance.

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