Your Guide to First Date Dinner Etiquette

Going on a first date can be a very nerve wracking experience. If you have recently been asked out on a date to a local steakhouse, you may be anxiously anticipating the big event. In order to make a great first impression on your date, you will want to keep some dining rules and tips in mind. Here is a guide to some etiquette tips to follow on your first date.

Arrive Early or On Time

If you are late to your dinner reservation, you may already be starting your date off on the wrong foot. To make a great impression on your dining companion, be sure to arrive on time, or even a few minutes early. By making sure that you are at the restaurant at the appropriate time, you will show your date that you are organized, attentive, and considerate.

Put Your Phone Away

When you are waiting to order or enjoying your main course, it may be tempting to check your phone and send a message to your friends about the status of your date. However, it is considered impolite to be constantly checking your phone throughout the meal. Put your phone away and provide your date with your undivided attention.

Maintain Eye Contact

The first date is your opportunity to figure out whether you and the other person have romantic chemistry. Rather than looking around the room or staring at your plate, make sure to maintain eye contact throughout the meal. As you engage in conversation, maintaining eye contact across the table will show that you are a good listener.

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