What Does Your Drink Choice Say About You?

When you join your friends or coworkers for your weekly happy hour, you may have a signature drink that you always tend to order at the bar. In fact, the psychology behind your preferred drink may offer some insight into your personality or way of thinking. Read on for a closer look at what your drink choice may say about you.


The martini is a classic choice that has been a favored cocktail for many decades. If you tend to order a martini after you sit down at the bar, you may be showing off your sophisticated, intellectual side. Since a martini has a high content of liquor, choosing to order a martini demonstrates that you are a mature person who can handle a spirited drink.

Neat Whiskey

If you are a whiskey connoisseur, you may tend to take your favorite drink straight, with no ice or water. Ordering a neat whisky sends the impression that you are a no nonsense type of person who likes to get straight to the point. Once you have discovered your favorite type of whiskey, you might always make sure to ask for this brand when you order from the bartender.

Lemon Drop

When you order a lemon drop from the bar, you may be showing off your playful, fun loving side. With its signature twist of lemon, sugar, vodka, the lemon drop is a drink for those who like to live their lives on the sweeter side. If you are a little daring, you may ask your bartender to add other flavors to your lemon drop.

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