The Basics of Beef Cuts

If you are craving a fresh and juicy steak that has been seared to perfection, be sure to make a dinner reservation at your local steakhouse. The chefs at a steakhouse know how to properly cut and prepare fresh cuts of beef. To help you navigate the different steak options that may be included on your dinner menu, here is a look at the basics of beef cuts.


The tenderloin is known as the most expensive cut of beef. When you are seeking a boneless steak that is both tender and flavorful, you may want to order the tenderloin. On a steakhouse menu, the tenderloin may also be called a filet mignon or simply filet. To prepare the tenderloin, a chef will usually lightly sear the outside and leave the juicy center to the preferences of the guest.

New York Strip

Another very popular cut of beef is the New York strip, or strip steak. Unlike the tenderloin, which usually comes as a small medallion, the strip steak is often cut as a longer slab of meat. Your strip steak may have a line of fat along one of its sides. During the cooking process, the fat will melt and give the steak a rich flavor.


A T-bone or porterhouse steak is often a featured menu item at a steakhouse. In order to qualify as a T-bone steak, a cut of meat must be bone-in and at least one and a quarter inches in width. If you prefer to eat your steak with the bone, a T-bone steak may be your preferred order at the steakhouse.

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