Factors to Consider When Selecting a Corporate Event Venue

The right venue is a crucial element for a successful corporate event. With so many options available, it is helpful to have some guidelines in mind when you are considering your options. As you evaluate corporate event venues, such as restaurants and conference rooms, keep these factors in mind.


You want an event space that is large enough to comfortably accommodate your group, but not so large that participants feel distant from each other. The venue you choose should have adequate space to provide seats for all of your guests, plus room for any necessary work stations and enough space for your catering. Ideally, the venue will have an event staff to help you personalize the set-up of the space so that it meets your specific needs.


Food is always a favorite part of corporate events for attendees. Look for a venue that either has catering in-house or that lets you bring in a caterer of your choice. When you are considering the menu, be sure there are enough options to meet the needs of your attendees. For instance, if your corporate event is doubling as a work meeting, then you won’t want to serve anything so heavy that your guests get tired after eating. If your event is a product launch, you may want to offer something more upscale, such as a steakhouse and seafood menu. You will also need vegetarian options and to accommodate any other nutritional needs of your guests.


Be sure that your event space has the kind of technology you will need for your presentations. Projection screens, independent sound systems, and flat screen televisions, for instance, can be helpful for displays, speeches, and presentation. Verify that the space has internet access or determine how you can provide connectivity using hot spots.

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